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What is `Uala?

 `Uala is a purple sweet potato-based food brand. `Uala’s energy shots are a plant-based alternative to yogurts and bars made with real food ingredients. They contain an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A & C, and are rich in fiber, potassium and iron. `Uala contains no artificial flavors and are only sweetened by purple sweet potatoes and coconut sugar.

Is `Uala a yogurt?

No, `Uala is something totally new and we believe better. `Uala is a plant based energy shot made from our magical purple sweet potato base. Unlike dairy and alternative dairy based products, `Uala is made up of organic whole food ingredients, no milks or fillers, and provides lasting energy to help you to take on your day feeling the best you possibly can. 

How can I eat `Uala?

Any way you want...

Straight out of the shot, as a foundation for a smoothie, make a `Uala bowl, use it as a spread, dip a chip into it, freeze it for 20 minutes to create a frozen treat...our product is so versatile it’s personal and can be eaten any way your heart desires.  We’d love to know how you enjoy `Uala! Email us at:

Do I need to refrigerate `Uala?

No, `Uala has a shelf life of 12 months.

Your taste buds, your temperature. Whether it's straight out of your bag mid trail, right out of the fridge relaxing at home, or anywhere in between...

Where can I find the expiration date on my `Uala shot?

The best by date can be found on the bottom of each shot. 

After opening how long is the food good for?

`Uala if good for up to 12 hours after opening. 

Does `Uala contain any allergens?

`Uala is made in a peanut free facility but contains coconut sugar. The coconut sugar comes from the coconut tree sap. Although this is not from the meat of the coconut, it is a possibility for a person with a coconut allergy to have an allergic reaction. 

Is `Uala organic?

Yes `Uala is QAI certified organic. Not all organic claims are created equal. QAI is the gold standard for organic products. We want our consumers to have the peace of mind knowing that we take the time to make sure that all of our suppliers meet the highest standard in not only quality of ingredients but the means of production in which they take to get there.

Is the packaging BPA free?

Yes all of the packaging is BPA free. 

Is `Uala Non-GMO?

Yes all of our products are Non-GMO. By law, anything that is certified organic cannot contain genetically modified ingredients. However, to give further peace of mind around the ones we love most, all of our blends are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Are your Products Vegan?

Yes all of our products are vegan.

Is `Uala Gluten Free?

Yes all `Uala products are Gluten Free

Tell me about your Added Sugars.

Uala is sweetened by the natural sugar of  purple sweet potatoes with just a little help from low glycemic coconut sugar.  We use no processed sugars, no sweeteners and no substitutes. To us, it's not about engineering our product to have 0g of fat or sugar, it’s about using quality ingredients that come from clean sources. We are joining the family of nature’s sugars along with fruits like bananas and oranges, because we care about what our consumers are putting into their body. Even though our sugars come from natural sources, the FDA requires us to label them as added sugars.  

Should there be separation?

Separation is natural, mix well before enjoying