The Japanese
purple sweet potato

Meet the superfood that delivers more than just macro-nutrients. It's a bona fide functional food, with positive health benefits going beyond basic nutrition.


A Multivitamin Snack

Source of Vitamins A & C
Supports Immune Function
Fights free radicals within the body
May reduce risk of some types of Cancer

Sustains the respiratory tract & gut lining
Supports healthy looking skin & hair
Maintains healthy vision
Aids in skin elasticity

Promotes production of Collagen
Maintains immune function
Aids in absorption of iron

Regulates fluid & aids overall muscle function
Plays vital role in muscle contractions
May reduce the risk of high blood pressure

Carries oxygen to lungs & other organs
Essential for blood production
Helps fights fatigue

Promotes protein synthesis & glucose control
Helps with muscle & nerve function


Slow Release Carbs for Sustained Energy


Slow release carbs digests slower than refined sugars & simple carbs
Low glycemic index food
No sugar high or crash

Many energy bars contain carbohydrates that are quickly broken down to sugar in the body. These quick release carbs cause a spike in blood glucose. Since the quick release carbs are broken down so quickly they do not keep you full for long.

Slow release carbs, like the Purple Sweet Potato, digest slower. The combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein & fats seen in `Uala is ideal to keep you satiated for hours.


A Healthy Gut
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Good source of soluble & insoluble fiber
Keeps you satiated over long periods of time
Promotes regular digestive function


We’ve all heard of probiotics, but what is a Prebiotic?
Well, prebiotics are special plant fibers that help feed probiotics. Like fiber, prebiotics are carbs your body can’t digest. They make their way to your lower digestive tract, where they help healthy bacteria grow.