Lili Ramos

Fitness Influencer


Lili's One Good Decision

"This year has been a rollercoaster. I wouldn’t have been able to survive if I hadn’t decided to take the time to focus on myself. Taking the time to really take care of YOU is important. Whether that is physically, mentally, or emotionally, it is healthy to understand yourself and what you need to live a JOYFUL life.

I have taken the time to understand my mind and body. Going back to my roots with my religious beliefs, journaling, and reading has brought me peace. As well as fitness, becoming the healthiest version of myself by putting the right foods in my body. Athletically, being active again. Going outside, enjoying the world and training with new friends. Pushing myself to my hardest limits.

Doing this has helped me be the best version of me and it all starts with One Good Decision!"


 The impact to help people find their healthy lifestyle. You deserve to live a joyful life, you deserve to feel good in your body but to do that you need to treat your body like the temple it is. One step at a time to grow your confidence and see that you are beautiful and you are strong. “

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