Katie Young

Balanced Body Pilates Mat Certification

RYT 200

Back Country Skier

Mountain Biker

Katie's One Good Decision

Having the courage to show back up to yoga class. After gaining a little weight during the initial quarantine, she felt afraid and self conscious about being back in the studio. Turning those feelings into an empowering embrace of self love she showed up to find nothing but love and support from the community. Giving her the strength and courage to pass along the message of being your best self no matter what.


"I just want to make people feel good in their body. To remind them that they are beautiful and worthy just how they are, without having to change a thing. I believe through yoga and pilates we can connect to this place of acceptance. I feel so grateful to teach and take it on as a great responsibility - to my students and the community. Through meditative joyful energy, each of us has the power to shift the energy of all of those we come into contact with and make a massive impact."