Calling All Warriors

One Good Decision Warriors

You are the true champions of positive choices battling for the betterment of our well-being. 2020 has been a devastating year for gyms and studios and you have adapted beautifully to it. Your contribution to your community in a year it was needed the most has been nothing short of incredible. We are in awe and have your back. Our `Uala Warriors program is all about you, helping you spread your awareness and supporting you as you continue to transform lives. We’re going to provide valuable opportunities for you to provide for your clients, such as exciting product giveaways, `Uala sponsored training sessions and more. We are going to feature your story and impact below. Share your One Good Decision on our IGTV and social platforms helping you gain exposure to new clients, through the viral power of positivity. And to make sure you are properly fueled for what’s to come, please take advantage of a lifetime Warrior Discount on our Power Shots. The Warrior Program is Free and our way of Thanking You for sharing in our mission to help others on the transformational journeys you are guiding everyday.

The Power of Positive Choices

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