Running Forward

This Sunday we will be participating in our first trail race, The Rattlesnake Ramble, and providing the runners with `Uala for a post run recovery treat, and a feeling of reflection has taken hold of me…

Today I am writing this post on the 9 year anniversary of when I decided to change my life and quit drinking. This post is not about that decision, but it’s about what happened after.... 3 short months later I was spending time with family in Northern Wisconsin and decided to get some fresh air. I went out to the famous Birkebeiner trail head. A few minutes into my hike I started running. Never in my life have I ran on a trail or put more than a mile or 2 on a treadmill, but this day was different. No music, no phone, no water, and insufficient gear. I just went. With what felt like decades of toxins pouring out of my body and mind I remember feeling so free, surrounded by nature, while pushing my body into euphoria. When I finally stopped 8 miles later, it just clicked. 

A month later, I moved to Northern California with the simple motivation of feeling the freedom of pushing my body in nature everyday. 8 years and 9 months later not a morning goes by where I forget about that feeling, and not a  morning goes by when I don't try to get out there and feel it again.

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