My Sunday Secret

As you may already know, I am a firm believer in the power of good decisions… And there is no better time to make one and feel the benefits than on a Sunday morning, which is why I choose weekly intentions, not annual resolutions. 

For so long my Sundays were filled with regret from the previous nights, followed by debilitating anxiety of what the week may bring. Never did this set me up for a clear head and strong attitude for the time Monday morning came around.

After I quit drinking and prioritized my heath, I quickly realized Sunday morning could be my week's biggest asset. It set the tone for how I approached the week ahead and gave me the confidence to take on whatever was coming my way. 

That is why I choose Sunday morning to always be my toughest workout of the week. Typically it means exploring a new trail and pushing my body in nature to a point of almost insanity (in a good way)! Doing this at the dawn of a new week allows me to accept any challenges I may face with the calming knowledge that, no matter what I have to deal with in the coming week, it will 100% be easier than what I accomplished already.

As we put 2020 in our rear view and gaze towards a new year with optimism and goals, knowing how a positive morning can change the trajectory of the days ahead should motivate us to not just make resolutions, but to make better daily decisions.

Discover my weekly weapon and take on 2021 with achievable intentions! 

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