Appreciating the pooch during the dog days of shelter in place

Meet Fonzi... Ever since I was young I have wanted an English Bulldog, and 7 years ago at just 10 weeks old this little guy came into my life.

However, I was always warned of their excessive health issues and everyone I have encountered pre-Fonzi seemed to struggle just to walk and breathe. This was not what I wanted for my boy...

At the time I got Fonzi I was about 3 years into my extremely healthy lifestyle transition and was feeling for myself all of the benefits of a clean diet and daily outdoor exercise, so naturally I just figured the same would work for a dog that was bred for centuries to be a certain way…? 

He has essentially eaten an adapted version of my diet since he was a puppy, and everyday he either hits the trail or goes berserk for a game of fetch with no signs of slowing down. Bulldog personality with a Border Collie's energy, and is my daily reminder that quality real food and outdoor activity is universally transformative.

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