Getting in Touch With my Indian Roots

Growing up in Minnesota I used to always look forward to going out to the east coast to spend time with my fathers side of the family, all of whom migrated over from India in the late 70’s and early 80’s. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, all lived within a few miles from each other in the Northern VA area. While acclimating to the hustle of the east coast they also preserved their traditions from home, and as a kid I soaked it up like a sponge… 

What always captivated me the most was the action in the kitchen. My grandma was the family heavyweight chef, but my aunts were a close second, and everyone had their specialties that not only delighted the families tastebuds but brought everyone closer together, while making them all feel a bit closer to home. Nothing did this quite like my Aunt Prema’s Chai…

From the boiling of the milk to the aroma of spices roasting on the cast iron skillet, as the air got spicy the anticipation of the family would build. I remember watching her mixing large volumes of skulding liquid from one pot to another like a pro, back and forth, back and forth, 100% focus, without even paying attention...second nature type stuff.  

Tea time would be the break in the afternoon when even my grandma would exit the kitchen and slow down to spend each sip with the family. My Aunty’s chai had that effect where you would brace the cup with both hands, and sigh with delight after each time you brought it to your mouth, yes that good.

So when I started `Uala I knew there was a place for this flavor. Even though I knew I would not be able to recapture the allure of the process in the kitchen, I knew our purple sweet potato base would certainly be able to capture the comforting magic of the taste.
Discover the smoothie that will give you the power to push yourself up the tallest mountain, while tasting so good you will be saying ahhhhhh after every savored sip.

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