A year ago today the world lost someone who in my opinion had one of the most significant positive global impacts in a long time. Anthony Bourdain.
He had a profound effect on me in both his written words and his persona. I had the privilege of meeting him at a time in my life similar to the darkness he famously endured, and his insights have forever stuck with me...
He opened up so many eyes to the beauty of exploring the unfamiliar and the importance of acceptance. He would probably have been on top of the list of “who would you like to be” if you did a global survey a year and a day ago…
For a life that was so admired, and so exposed for our enjoyment his battles within took it all away.
Positivity on the outside has to fuel positivity on the inside and vice versa and when the world lost Anthony a year ago today he opened our eyes to the true importance of that.

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